Hello and welcome to my blog! As you may read from the title of the site, it is a place where all kinds of information about ACG (anime, comics, and games) are gathered together. I have been an anime lover since 2008, and I am really passionate to share all the information I know with you.

ACG is not just one way for entertainment; it is a culture which has different forms in different parts of the world. In this blog, I will mostly focus on the Japanese form of ACG and its derivatives, such as cosplay, lolita fashion, human vocaloid music, gaming, garage kits, etc. I am not an expert in the center of the ACG circle, but I believe I have enough knowledge in this area that I can share with you and have fun together.

Since I am a undergraduate student in Purdue University, I will also include some local news for my fellow boilermakers to check out. As the vice president of Purdue ACG Association, I have the first-hand information about new events, movies, goodies, bangumis (shows), gaming events, etc. Always come back to my blog to see if anything is interested to you, and we welcome you to attend all of our activities.

What kind of anime do you like? Do you read comics and manga? Do you play video games? Feel free to leave your comments down below, and I will choose my blog topics based on your preferences. At last, ACG is not only for myself, it is for all of us. The unrealistic world of ACG can make the realistic world a better place, and that is what I want to accomplish with all of you.

At last, thank you very much for visiting my blog. I hope it can bring you a minute of relax in your busy life. Please come back often and communicate with me either in the comments or by email, so both of us can have more friends!

Arigato, and let’s go!


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