Don’t Stop Playing “Don’t Stop! Eighth-note-chan”

New games come and go. Some of them are fun to play, but none of them are like this simple, interesting, cute, but difficult and noizy game. This new game has been quite popular online in Japan and China these days. It is produced by Unity Co., and its name is “Don’t Stop! Eighth-note-chan”.

Generally, the porpose of the game is to control the little eighth-note-like creature to jump over the pits and hide from the enemies such as the pause symbol, but you don’t use the mouse or keyboard to control your creature. You use your voice, and only your voice.


You need to make this little guy move or jump by literally yelling to your computer. 

When you hum to your computer or microphone, this little note will walk on the flat ground. If you want it to jump, you need to make larger sound. The louder you are, the higher and farther it jumps. However, you do need to control height and distance of its movement because sometimes the danger comes from above.

There are multiple stages for this game. I have tried it myself, but I even have not passed Stage 1. It is a cute and interesting game which is easy to learn, but it is definitelly not easy to clear all the stages. There are many YouTubers making videos of themselves playing this game, but most of them are either Japanese or Chinese.

The good thing is that you don’t need to understand their talking to understand the funny part of the game, because everyone is screaming. I watched about 20 videos and I picked the one with the lowest voice for you to see, but still remember to turn the sound down a little before starting.

If you are interested, please follow the link below to download the game for free. Unfortuanely I could not find any website all in English that provides this game, but don’t worry, I will show you the way to download it.

The only thing that I need to remind you is that this game only supports Windows system for now. So if you have an Apple laptop, maybe you should ask your friend to download one and play with them. The only thing you need to do is to go to, and click the link in the large font. The web page will look like this:



Click the link in the red rectangle to download the game.


You will receive a zip document. After you unzip it, open the folder and click the software named “yasuhati1.09.exe”, and you can start your journey with your note from there!

If you have any thoughts, ideas, or critics when you play this game, feel free to leave me comments down below. Finally, Purdue ACG Association will hold a “Don’t Stop! Eighth-note-chan” game contest next Thursday, March 2nd in HEAV 105. The contest will start at 6 p.m., feel free to join and play with us!



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