PACGA Models Posed for Pictures for Spring Fest

Winter is still around, but Purdue ACG Association is already prepared for Spring. This Saturday, a group of PACGA members and officers went for a small cosplay and photo-shooting event in order to prepare for the advertising of the upcoming PACGA Haru Matsuri (Spring Fest).

Our production crew met in Purdue Memorial Union at around 11 a.m.. The preparation time went over the expected length; it took about 2 hours for all models and photographer to get ready.

Since all models had to have their pictures taken in very thin clothes, we decided to stay inside for the pictures. Luckily, we did find some great spots for good pictures.

Five models attended this event. All of them are PACGA members, and some of them are officers of the association. Since the pictures were expected to be part of the advertisement, the managers decided not to invite models who are not PACGA members. We hope that we can show the spirit of PACGA people while advertising for our new annual event.


Models of the photo-shooting session

The photo shooting session lasted for about 2 hours, and all models have their portrait and some interaction pictures taken.

Pictures in this specific blog post are used as an early release, and we hope all of you can keep following the blog and our social media for more information of Haru Matsuri.

The major theme of Haru Matsuri this year will be about the Japanese anime show Noragami, which tells the story of different gods in the traditional Japanese culture fighting against monsters in the human world. The two seasons of Noragami are available on Gogoanime and Crunchyroll, you can easily check them out during your free time.


Shujun Yao as Yato, the protagonist in Noragami

In addition to the anime theme, Haru Matsuri also includes some Japanese culture reflection. Two delightful young ladies modeled for the Japanese yukata and hakama, which represent this second aspect that PACGA would like to share with the attendees.


Xingshuo Chen modeling Japanese yukata

Thanks to Xinran Li, the photographer and the technology coordinator of PACGA, for taking these great pictures. The pictures posted are only a part of them, and more are coming as posters that you can see around Purdue campus.


Emily Han modeling the Japanese hakama

If you are interested in Spring Matsuri, please follow this blog or our facebook page at More details about this event will be posted very soon. Before that, please look forward to our beautiful posters around campus!



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