Don’t Lose Your Direction When Spring Comes

You know what’s coming in this period of time if you are a student in the U.S.. SPRING BREAK!! It means home, sunshine, actually good food, friends, sofa and blankets, Netflix, YouTube, Crunchyroll, local comic store…and so on. You name it.

Me, as a student, am also going to enjoy my Spring break with a lot of sleep, a lot of food, and no homework. That means, I will not post anything for the next week (Mar. 13 – Mar. 19). If I have something interest to share, I will probably write another post, but if nothing special happens, I am going to stay in bed watching anime with my cat and party size Doritos.


This will be me during Spring break.

To make you feel better and not miss me too much, I have a recommendation of an anime movie that fits the atmosphere of Spring. It is an old one, but trust me, you will like it. Especially if you like detective stories.

Detective Conan: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital is a 2003 Japanese anime movie, and it is the 7th movie of the anime series Detective Conan. By the way, the anime first started in 1996 and is still on TV every week, it is surly a very old anime show. The TV version currently has over 700 episodes, so you have enough episodes to amuse yourself.


The official poster of the movie

Edogawa Conan, the main character of this anime, was called Kudo Shinichi, and he was a high-school student detective. He helped the police to solve many cases, but one day he witnessed a secret organization doing illegal trading, and he was forced to consume a pill, which caused his body to become like a 7-year-old child.

Luckily, his mind remained the same, so he found an excuse to live with his life-long friend Mori Ran and her father, and they started to solve all kinds of cases while finding the chance to beat that secret organization.


Conan (Shinichi) and the Black Organization

The story of Crossroad in the Ancient Capital happens in Kyoto in the season of cherry blossom. Three murders happen at about the same time in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, and the three cases has a significant similarity: the victims all have a copy of Gikeiki (a Japanese historical story book), and the books are all taken away by the murderer.

Edogawa Conan was invited to go to Kyoto with the Mori family for solving a case. During their visit, they met Hattori Heiji, another high-school student detective, who comes to Kyoto to find his first crush.


Little Heiji and his crush…awww

When this group pf people travel together for their goals, the unsubs of the murders slowly appears to them, and they finally find out that some historical secret is becoming more and more clear.

A fun fact is that this movie is the only Detective Conan movie that does not have any explosion scenes. If you are not a fan of bomb and love the atmosphere of romantic Spring, this movie will be a great choice for your Spring break.

Also, the theme song of the movie is one of the most classic songs of Detective Conan. It is called Time after time~花舞う街で~, and the Japanese word means “the street where flowers fall”. It is performed by Kuraki Mai, who has cooperated with this anime for a long time and sung many famous theme songs for the show.


Detective Conan is THE anime that accompanies me through my childhood, and it is still one of my favorite. I really hope you like my recommendation, and please share your thoughts with me through any possible method. And finally, enjoy your Spring break!


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