Video: The Birth of A Piece of Fan Art

If someone tells you that people who love ACG are talented, trust them. I recently spent about half an hour with one of PACGA’s artist, and witnessed how she drew a full piece of fan art. I recorded the process of she creating the drawing, and here is the video for you.

Shujun Yao, the artist, actually drew this drawing for my birthday on March 28th. The person in the drawing was Aiba Masaki, who is the member of the top Japanese idol group Arashi. Using animation to represent real people is very popular in ACG culture because in the 2-D world, these animated characters can do many things and experience more adventures than the real people.

Please enjoy this video, and leave any comments below for our artist!

BGM: Janakute (じゃなくてby Aiba Masaki


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