Review: The Second PACGA “8th-Note-Chan” Contest


After distributing the post about the voice-control game “Don’t Stop! 8th-Note-Chan”, many of my friends in PACGA showed their interest toward the game. Last Thursday, the managers and officers used their weekly meeting time and organized another contest.

We decided that everyone can only sing instead of talk because that will be more fun listening to people sing rather than making meaningless sound. Also, it is more difficult to control your volume while singing, and the difference of volume is what that controls the character in the game.

I recorded two attendee’s performance, and made the footage into a short video. The girl with short curly hair was our winner because she went farther than all other attendees. She passed the third pit, which most of other people fall.

If you are interested in playing this game, you can simply follow this link to my past post. There you can find introduction of the game, and where and how to download it.

I hope you enjoy this video and enjoy us yelling to the computer. If you have anything that you would like to communicate, or do you have any game recommendations, please contact me by leaving comments or through the “contact me” page. I hope we can have more opportunity to enjoy the games together.

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