Slideshow: Me in ACG and ACG in Me

Canaan Shi is a senior at Purdue University and also a cosplayer ever since graduating from elementary school. I interviewed her about her experience in the ACG world and how ACG has influenced her, and here is a slideshow I made to show you a cosplayer’s daily life and growth throughout the years.

Below is her original words during the interview. I edited the audio so she can tell a coherent story in the slideshow.



Canaan as Yazawa Nico in Lovelive!


“I’ve been watching anime for nearly 20 years, ACG is a part of my life. Like most of the Otakus, I play games on different platforms. Once I played 15 MMOs in one month. Other than games, I watch anime every week. Recently, I’m watching Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. It’s a fun show, you should try it.”

“My cousin lead me into the animation world when I was 4. The first show I watched was Saint Seiya, which was very popular in China during that time. It has been a classic since then.”

“After graduating from elementary school, I became interested in cosplay. Till now, I’m still active in this area. I even brought many costumes and props to the U.S. to support my hobby. Cosplay brought me many friends who are from different age levels and have different careers. Moreover, I learned how to use Photoshop, make props, design clothes, and many other skills.”



Canaan as Sakura Card Captor


“ACG and Japanese fashion have a profound impact on my life. For example, my clothes. I like wearing sailor uniforms and lolita fashion. I collected many dresses and shoes; the fuzzy toys also catch my eyes. ACG is an important part of my life, and I’ll keep my passion on it in the future.”

Cannan is now an active cosplayer with her own group of fans and friends. Her Instagram username is saryu_canaan, and she updates her page regularly with great pictures of her daily life and cosplay works. Please follow her if you are also interested in seeing beautiful photos and cosplaying!


Thank you and Niconico ni~~~


[1] Otaku: People who are really interested in ACG and ACG-related subculture.

[2] MMO: The abbreviation of Massively Multiplayer Online, a game category.

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