Thank You for Following All This Semester!

This semester is about to end, and I have kept this blog for three months. Although this blog is actually a part of my semester-long project, I have had a lot of fun writing different kinds of posts, learning how to be a good blogger, and sharing my passion on ACG with all of you.

However, because this blog is a class project, I do not plan to continue keeping this blog in the future on my own.


Since I am graduating and leaving Purdue very soon, I have thought about having someone in Purdue ACG Association to help to keep the blog and other social media accounts. I have been discussing with managers of Purdue ACG Association about whether to keep this blog or not, but we have not got a clear plan yet.

If we decide to continue working on this blog to provide you more interesting information about ACG, we will write another post to notify all of you who have followed since the beginning of this blog. On the other hand, if you do not see any notification until October this year, that means we decide not to continue keeping this blog for the organization.


If you are a Purdue ACG lover, we’d be really happy to have you join PACGA and work and play with all of us. If you are also interested in working in the field of communications, PR and social media, please contact me, and we can talk about mostly everything, from your favorite manga to the future of this blog.

To contact me, click here:

To end this semester, thank you all for following me and reading my blog posts! Thank you for your support throughout the semester. I am so glad that I have taken this class and have worked on things that I am really passionate about. I have learned a lot from this class and keeping this blog, and I hope all of you have also gotten some interesting information from me.


At last, I hope all of you have a great Summer and a bright future with ACG by your side.

PEACE OUT! (>w<)/

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