Slideshow: Me in ACG and ACG in Me

Canaan Shi is a senior at Purdue University and also a cosplayer ever since graduating from elementary school. I interviewed her about her experience in the ACG world and how ACG has influenced her, and here is a slideshow I made to show you a cosplayer’s daily life and growth throughout the years.

Below is her original words during the interview. I edited the audio so she can tell a coherent story in the slideshow.



Canaan as Yazawa Nico in Lovelive!


“I’ve been watching anime for nearly 20 years, ACG is a part of my life. Like most of the Otakus, I play games on different platforms. Once I played 15 MMOs in one month. Other than games, I watch anime every week. Recently, I’m watching Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. It’s a fun show, you should try it.”

“My cousin lead me into the animation world when I was 4. The first show I watched was Saint Seiya, which was very popular in China during that time. It has been a classic since then.”

“After graduating from elementary school, I became interested in cosplay. Till now, I’m still active in this area. I even brought many costumes and props to the U.S. to support my hobby. Cosplay brought me many friends who are from different age levels and have different careers. Moreover, I learned how to use Photoshop, make props, design clothes, and many other skills.”



Canaan as Sakura Card Captor


“ACG and Japanese fashion have a profound impact on my life. For example, my clothes. I like wearing sailor uniforms and lolita fashion. I collected many dresses and shoes; the fuzzy toys also catch my eyes. ACG is an important part of my life, and I’ll keep my passion on it in the future.”

Cannan is now an active cosplayer with her own group of fans and friends. Her Instagram username is saryu_canaan, and she updates her page regularly with great pictures of her daily life and cosplay works. Please follow her if you are also interested in seeing beautiful photos and cosplaying!


Thank you and Niconico ni~~~


[1] Otaku: People who are really interested in ACG and ACG-related subculture.

[2] MMO: The abbreviation of Massively Multiplayer Online, a game category.

Video: The Birth of A Piece of Fan Art

If someone tells you that people who love ACG are talented, trust them. I recently spent about half an hour with one of PACGA’s artist, and witnessed how she drew a full piece of fan art. I recorded the process of she creating the drawing, and here is the video for you.

Shujun Yao, the artist, actually drew this drawing for my birthday on March 28th. The person in the drawing was Aiba Masaki, who is the member of the top Japanese idol group Arashi. Using animation to represent real people is very popular in ACG culture because in the 2-D world, these animated characters can do many things and experience more adventures than the real people.

Please enjoy this video, and leave any comments below for our artist!

BGM: Janakute (じゃなくてby Aiba Masaki

Event Review: Purdue Haru Matsuri 2017

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

First of all, thank all attendees for coming to the PACGA Haru Matsuri (Spring Fest) yesterday! Also, thank all PACGA officers and managers for preparing and working for the event. Although we cannot recur the real Japanese matsuri, all of us spent time planning and worked together so that we were able to create this great memory.

Haru Matsuri is a celebration of Spring. During the planning process, our officers and managers decide to include most of things that appears in a Japanese matsuri: food, games, snacks, goodies for sale, etc. We also planned to add a photo booth so that customers can try on some traditional clothes and have their pictures taken.

We prepared a table for video games, a section for kendama, and another section for water balloon fishing. Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy, and the goal is to use the wooden lever to catch the ball. There are hundreds of ways to play with this toy.


A kendama

Water balloon fishing is another traditional game. The player will get a string made of a piece of tissue with a hook at the end of it, and the goal is to use this string to lift up a water ballon from a pond. Since the string is easy to break, this game is quite challenging, and fun for both the players and others who watch.

As for food and snacks, we prepared oden and okonomiyaki as hot plates, and dorayaki and dango as snacks. Hot plates are cooked during the event, and snacks are prepared before.

For the goodies, we invited Emily Han, an expert of making fabric flower jewelries to the event, and she created a hair piece as the final lottery prize. The flower pieces you see in the slideshow are all made by Emily. However, since the winner of the lottery was not very interested in jewelries, he picked a character figure instead.

We set up a photo booth with extra costumes for the attendees to try on. If you have your picture taken, all photoshopped version will be posted on our Facebook page, and we will notify you as soon as possible.

Finally, thank you again for coming to the event, and thank all the workers again for your contribution. If you have any question about PACGA’s future event, please leave a comment or contact me. We are looking forward to seeing you in our future events!

Live Tweet: PACGA Haru Matsuri (Spring Fest)


I am live tweeting the 2017 Purdue ACG association Haru Matsuri on Twitter, check it out by searching #harumatsuri2017, #pacga, or @Purdue_ACG for the live tweet! The live tweet event will end at 5pm today.

Haru Matsuri, or Spring Fest, is PACGA’s annual Spring event. Attendees can have free food, play mini games, and purchase hand made goodies such as jewelry.

This year, we have prepared oden, dango, dorayaki and okonomiyaki for food, and we have games such as omikuji (fortune telling), cosplay, photo booth, video games, etc.

The event is taking place now in KRACH Leadership Center on 3rd Street. You can still come at any time!

PACGA Models Posed for Pictures for Spring Fest

Winter is still around, but Purdue ACG Association is already prepared for Spring. This Saturday, a group of PACGA members and officers went for a small cosplay and photo-shooting event in order to prepare for the advertising of the upcoming PACGA Haru Matsuri (Spring Fest).

Our production crew met in Purdue Memorial Union at around 11 a.m.. The preparation time went over the expected length; it took about 2 hours for all models and photographer to get ready.

Since all models had to have their pictures taken in very thin clothes, we decided to stay inside for the pictures. Luckily, we did find some great spots for good pictures.

Five models attended this event. All of them are PACGA members, and some of them are officers of the association. Since the pictures were expected to be part of the advertisement, the managers decided not to invite models who are not PACGA members. We hope that we can show the spirit of PACGA people while advertising for our new annual event.


Models of the photo-shooting session

The photo shooting session lasted for about 2 hours, and all models have their portrait and some interaction pictures taken.

Pictures in this specific blog post are used as an early release, and we hope all of you can keep following the blog and our social media for more information of Haru Matsuri.

The major theme of Haru Matsuri this year will be about the Japanese anime show Noragami, which tells the story of different gods in the traditional Japanese culture fighting against monsters in the human world. The two seasons of Noragami are available on Gogoanime and Crunchyroll, you can easily check them out during your free time.


Shujun Yao as Yato, the protagonist in Noragami

In addition to the anime theme, Haru Matsuri also includes some Japanese culture reflection. Two delightful young ladies modeled for the Japanese yukata and hakama, which represent this second aspect that PACGA would like to share with the attendees.


Xingshuo Chen modeling Japanese yukata

Thanks to Xinran Li, the photographer and the technology coordinator of PACGA, for taking these great pictures. The pictures posted are only a part of them, and more are coming as posters that you can see around Purdue campus.


Emily Han modeling the Japanese hakama

If you are interested in Spring Matsuri, please follow this blog or our facebook page at More details about this event will be posted very soon. Before that, please look forward to our beautiful posters around campus!


Slideshow: PACGA Maid Cafe Fall 2016 Posters

Maid Cafe is one of the traditional annual event of PACGA. It is usually hold in Fall semester, and we are working to create different themes for each event.

The theme for Fall 2016 is Alice in Wonderland, and we made a series of posters with our lovely maids as different characters. Please enjoy the slideshow, and please follow this blog for more information about our new events for the Spring semester.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Preview: Purdue BoilerCon 2017

Hello my dear friends! It is another week of school. Do you feel bored of the regular school-dorm life, and want to have some fun in the two-dimensions world?

Luckily, Purdue Student Union Board, or PSUB, has heard your voice, and they are holding the third Annual Purdue BoilerCon on February 18th in the ballrooms of Purdue Memorial Union.

The event will start at 12:30pm, and will last until 6:30. It is a FREE event, so you can come and go and enjoy the comic con atmosphere right beside your dorm building. No need to drive to Chicago, isn’t it convenient?

As a member of Purdue ACG Association, I went to the first BoilerCon in Spring 2015, but I did not go in 2016 because I had another event on that day. From my personal experience and the feedbacks from my friends and colleagues, BoilerCon can be considered as the largest ACG event on campus.

The traditional parts of Purdue BoilerCon include performances, cosplay contests, photo booth, gaming booth, and different tables for all kinds of ACG-related goodies. This year, PSUB has invited two voice actors, Paige O’Hara and Richard White to the event. If you are not familiar with them, Paige played Bell in Disney’s classic movie Beauty and the Beast, and Richard played Gaston in the same movie.屏幕快照 2017-02-07 18.20.53.png

Besides these two famous voice actors, Team Starkid is also invited to the event. Team Starkid is a musical theatre company located in Chicago, and one of its most famous productions is A Very Potter Musical, which is a parody of the Harry Potter series. If you are interested, you can follow this link to Starkid’s YouTube channel and check out their productions.

屏幕快照 2017-02-07 18.21.13.png

Have you been to the past BoilerCon? What do you think about this event? Please leave your comments down below, or send me anything you would like to discuss about. Also, feel free to send me ideas that you want me to write about! I will go to the BoilerCon this year, so probably you will find me and talk to me. Looking forward to seeing you there!

屏幕快照 2017-02-07 18.21.23.png