Slideshow: Me in ACG and ACG in Me

Canaan Shi is a senior at Purdue University and also a cosplayer ever since graduating from elementary school. I interviewed her about her experience in the ACG world and how ACG has influenced her, and here is a slideshow I made to show you a cosplayer’s daily life and growth throughout the years.

Below is her original words during the interview. I edited the audio so she can tell a coherent story in the slideshow.



Canaan as Yazawa Nico in Lovelive!


“I’ve been watching anime for nearly 20 years, ACG is a part of my life. Like most of the Otakus, I play games on different platforms. Once I played 15 MMOs in one month. Other than games, I watch anime every week. Recently, I’m watching Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. It’s a fun show, you should try it.”

“My cousin lead me into the animation world when I was 4. The first show I watched was Saint Seiya, which was very popular in China during that time. It has been a classic since then.”

“After graduating from elementary school, I became interested in cosplay. Till now, I’m still active in this area. I even brought many costumes and props to the U.S. to support my hobby. Cosplay brought me many friends who are from different age levels and have different careers. Moreover, I learned how to use Photoshop, make props, design clothes, and many other skills.”



Canaan as Sakura Card Captor


“ACG and Japanese fashion have a profound impact on my life. For example, my clothes. I like wearing sailor uniforms and lolita fashion. I collected many dresses and shoes; the fuzzy toys also catch my eyes. ACG is an important part of my life, and I’ll keep my passion on it in the future.”

Cannan is now an active cosplayer with her own group of fans and friends. Her Instagram username is saryu_canaan, and she updates her page regularly with great pictures of her daily life and cosplay works. Please follow her if you are also interested in seeing beautiful photos and cosplaying!


Thank you and Niconico ni~~~


[1] Otaku: People who are really interested in ACG and ACG-related subculture.

[2] MMO: The abbreviation of Massively Multiplayer Online, a game category.

Thomas Romain, The Creator of Children’s Dream World

Have you ever drawn anything when you are little, dreaming about your characters having an adventure in this imaginary world? I have. A group of my elementary school friends and me would draw a big house, and each of us design our own character so that we can “live together” as best friends and sisters.

Children’s imagination are one of the most precious and interesting things in the world. A father understands this idea very well, so he uses his talent of drawing to transform his sons’ creation into detailed and fantastic anime characters.

Thomas Romain is a French animator, and he currently lives and works in Japan. His most known work is Code Lyoko: Revolution, which is an animated TV show first displayed in 2012.

He has two sons who inherits his talent of art, and here are some of them from Thomas’ Twitter account. The older son is 10 years old, and the younger is 8.

If you are interested in his work, please search @Thomasintokyo on Twitter. You can also search “親子デザイン工房” or “father and son’s design workshop” for more pictures.

Steampunk Doctor

Blood Dead Prince

K-3 (Keisan, the pronunciation of “calculate” in Japanese)

Fire Guardian

Tulip Brothers

What do you think about these art works? You can also create something with your family members and friends in this way. If you find something that you drew or designed when you were a kid, why not try re-create the characters and make them alive again?

If you design anything after reading this post and would like to share, feel free to share on Twitter and tag me @Purdue_ACG so I can post your creation on this blog. Have fun this weekend by making your old dreams come true! >v<

Event Review: Purdue Haru Matsuri 2017

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

First of all, thank all attendees for coming to the PACGA Haru Matsuri (Spring Fest) yesterday! Also, thank all PACGA officers and managers for preparing and working for the event. Although we cannot recur the real Japanese matsuri, all of us spent time planning and worked together so that we were able to create this great memory.

Haru Matsuri is a celebration of Spring. During the planning process, our officers and managers decide to include most of things that appears in a Japanese matsuri: food, games, snacks, goodies for sale, etc. We also planned to add a photo booth so that customers can try on some traditional clothes and have their pictures taken.

We prepared a table for video games, a section for kendama, and another section for water balloon fishing. Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy, and the goal is to use the wooden lever to catch the ball. There are hundreds of ways to play with this toy.


A kendama

Water balloon fishing is another traditional game. The player will get a string made of a piece of tissue with a hook at the end of it, and the goal is to use this string to lift up a water ballon from a pond. Since the string is easy to break, this game is quite challenging, and fun for both the players and others who watch.

As for food and snacks, we prepared oden and okonomiyaki as hot plates, and dorayaki and dango as snacks. Hot plates are cooked during the event, and snacks are prepared before.

For the goodies, we invited Emily Han, an expert of making fabric flower jewelries to the event, and she created a hair piece as the final lottery prize. The flower pieces you see in the slideshow are all made by Emily. However, since the winner of the lottery was not very interested in jewelries, he picked a character figure instead.

We set up a photo booth with extra costumes for the attendees to try on. If you have your picture taken, all photoshopped version will be posted on our Facebook page, and we will notify you as soon as possible.

Finally, thank you again for coming to the event, and thank all the workers again for your contribution. If you have any question about PACGA’s future event, please leave a comment or contact me. We are looking forward to seeing you in our future events!

Slideshow: PACGA Maid Cafe Fall 2016 Posters

Maid Cafe is one of the traditional annual event of PACGA. It is usually hold in Fall semester, and we are working to create different themes for each event.

The theme for Fall 2016 is Alice in Wonderland, and we made a series of posters with our lovely maids as different characters. Please enjoy the slideshow, and please follow this blog for more information about our new events for the Spring semester.

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